10. Many witnesses, many layers: the digital scholarly edition of the Iudicium coci et pistoris (Anth. Lat. 199 Riese)

Paolo Monella


This article will describe the rationale of the digital scholarly edition on which I am currently working (the Iudicium coci et pistoris by Vespa, Anth. Lat. 199 Riese), an ancient Latin text with a multi-testimonial textual tradition. My edition aims to provide a proof-of-concept application of the ideas of Tito Orlandi and Raul Mordenti while using a customised XML/TEI markup.

In my edition, each witness will be encoded at three layers:

  1. the graphic layer (graphemes and other graphic signs);
  2. the alphabetic layer (alphabetic letters);
  3. the linguistic layer (inflected words).

The main proposed innovations are as follows:

  1. the distinction of different textual layers within each witness;
  2. the declaration of 'tables of signs' for the graphical and the alphabetical layers of each witness;
each layer of a witness will be collated with the corresponding layers of other witnesses.


textual layers; encoding levels; table of signs; collation; characters; graphemes; alphabemes; manuscripts; XML/TEI

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